Saturday, August 6, 2011

Deadly Malady

This is a malady and it is a deadly one.  I can’t help myself now as this song is just superbly written.  I always snoop to it while driving and yes, I nearly kissed other’s backside because I was way into it.

You got that smile
That only heaven can make
I’ll pray to God everyday
That you keep that smile

To Him,
Every second, every moment, every hour, every day, the beautiful thing I have ever seen is Your Smile.  I pay everything just to have a peep on it.

Baby, everything that I have is yours,
You will never go cold and hungry,
I’ll be there when you are insecure.

To Him,
I will always protect you. Always.  You can have my words now.

Love always drives people to act out of their minds. But I am not. I know what I’m doing and what I'm up to.

To Him,
We are totally different from others. Both of us know that. We don’t have anything to show to prove our love, because no one can see our hearts. Our hearts are the ultimate and undisputed evidence.  

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